1st Annual Ginger Bread House Making Contest

Hold onto your seats because the Tepper Staff Committee is hosting its first annual Gingerbread House Making Contest!

Before now, our business school would host door decorating contests and other activities to celebrate the holiday spirit. However, with the Tepper Quad addition this year, a new competition must be held! Currently we have about 8 to 9 faculty teams preparing to take home the mystery prize. Judges are still being selected but I will publish a follow up post to showcase the entrants and the winners! The houses will be displayed on December 13th for judging. Below are some of the contest rules that must be followed.


  • Each team gets one gingerbread house building kit
  • The base of the house can be whatever the team desires
  • The house can be no larger than 24 in by 24 in
  • Teams can spend no more than $40 on additional gingerbread house elements

There are rumors going around that Dr. Stephen Pajewski (Dr. P) is going to use his gingerbread house making skills to lead his team to victory! But we won’t know until December 13th!

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