Take Care of Your Body!

As the winter begins to brew, many students across campus are beginning to get sick. The cold weather isn’t the reason though! Although many people think the cold weather makes you sick, the germs are the real reason behind our sore throats and coughs. The cold weather just makes our immune system more susceptible to these germs. That is why it is very important to bundle up, get vaccinated, and eat right.

College exposes students to germs, unhealthy food, and different environments and due to the close proximity of it all, being sick might be more common than students have previously thought. To combat this, students must take extra care of themselves! Eating healthier, getting exercise, and getting your vaccinations are just a few of the steps we all can take to ensure a healthier time in college.

The easiest and most preventable way of getting sick is WASHING YOUR HANDS! There are way too many times I see people leaving the restroom and not even throwing a glance in the sink’s direction! That being said, do not be that person. When other people are healthier, the campus is healthier, and sickness is less likely to spread.

For fun, I will throw a little economics into this post. If you sign up and receive your flu vaccination, you are contributing to a positive externality! This is a benefit that is enjoyed by a third party as a result of an economic transaction. So getting your flu shot allows students at Carnegie Mellon to enjoy the benefit of a healthier campus. They are less likely to get sick because you are less likely to get sick! The economic transaction occurs with the purchase and usage of the sanitation materials and the third party are the students that have no involvement in your decision to get your flu shot. Interesting, right?



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