CMU At Night: A Campus of Lights

There’s nothing quite like walking back to your dorm room after a late night lecture, study session, or review session that makes you feel like you’ve really, truly made it to college. And there’s nothing quite like walking across the Randy Pausch Bridge after dark that makes you feel like you’ve really, truly made it to CMU. In fact, even just a quick scroll through my phone’s camera roll alone produces enough pictures to comprise a mini nighttime tour of Carnegie Mellon’s colorful campus. Taken this past Monday through Thursday nights, I present to you: CMU at night.

A rainbow outside Hunt library:

A rainbow-lined walkway outside the UC:

The ever-changing sights of the Randy Pausch Bridge:

Fairy lights outside Tepper:

Elaine Chen | Undergraduate Business 2022

Elaine is a Tepper freshman hoping to concentrate in finance and take a minor in either computer science or English. Torn between her love for economics and her love for numbers, she hopes to continue studying both during her time at CMU. In addition to writing, she enjoys cooking, running, and playing table tennis.

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