Activities Fair Yesterday, Career Fair Today

A Haiku dedicated to recruiting season!

Hand shakes, resumes

Try hard to stand out from crowd

Tiring but worth a shot!

It’s peak recruiting time for many full time and internship positions. From the encompass career fair right now and Tepper meet up networking session yesterday to the Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) and many company information sessions in the coming weeks, it is certainly a busy time for students of all majors alike to spruce up resumes, cover letters, and elevator pitches to try to stand out from the sea of applicants in hopes of landing a job. While it is a stressful time it can also be an exciting time too! Take this time to do some exploring – exploring one’s own passions. And in terms of networking, when is it the better time connect/re-connect with any upperclass friends and alumni. I find it easier to connect with people on a more informal level through common ground to help “break the ice” and drive the conversation. Networking shouldn’t be an intimidating thing. Think of it as having an open dialogue with someone. Good luck to everyone – when one succeeds, the #CMUfamily succeeds 🙂

Pictures taken from CPDC facebook page (encompass Fall 2018)

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