Let the Summer Plans Begin!

Of all the semesters I have had at Carnegie Mellon, this past one was by far the busiest. Hopefully yours wasn’t as hectic. But now it’s time to relax and unwind because summer is here! Internships, jobs, vacations, and family get-togethers are just a few of the things that go on during this wonderful time. Now, if you find yourself sleeping longer than usual or walking around sluggishly, don’t be concerned. School has taken a toll on your mental, physical, and emotional state so summer is the perfect time to rejuvenate and get back to your normal self.


I won’t talk about the upcoming semester because that is depressing but I will talk about a couple things you can do this summer to help yourself re-cooperate and have fun at the same time!


  1. Go to the beach – Probably the first thing that came to your mind. The beach is a great place to relax, take walks, read, and swim! However, make sure to wear sunscreen and bring sun glasses. A sunburn is the best way to ruin your beach experience.


  1. Get a massage or go to the spa – If you are unable to make it to a beach, try going to a spa or try getting a massage. Trust me, this will clear your mind, heal your body, and help your emotional state to a point that would tempt you to go back every week. The ultimate relaxation activity.


  1. Walk – Walking clears your head and gives you exercise. Nothing beats a nice walk!


  1. Binge-watch Game of Thrones (Or something similar) – The unhealthiest option on this list but one of the most tempting. Grab some junk food and a couch and kiss your worries away.


  1. Read a science-fiction book – I love science-fiction books because they remove you from the reality you are in and put you in another world where pretty much anything can happen. Normally, these books are part of a series, so when you finish one, you can move onto the next. Just like relaxation topic number four!


  1. Get a job – If you want to build character and make money at the same time, this is for you! I strongly recommend getting a part-time job. You can keep yourself busy while not being constrained by time.


  1. Make the most out of your internship/educational experience – Expanding your experience in the workplace will yield plenty of benefits. It will also keep your brain sharp and give you a sense of accomplishment when it ends.


  1. Just drive – The most daring option but surprisingly helpful. Grab a friend or family member and just drive for 30 minutes. Talk about things that happened at school, plans you have for the summer, or anything in general. Don’t be concerned with how you will get back because we all have GPS. If you or your friend don’t have GPS, do not do this option. You might end up seeing some areas near you that you never knew existed which will spark conversation and clear your head!



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