Peak Week Musings

As graduation draws closer and as peak week events begin, I can’t help but look back at the journey Usman and I started two years ago. In July 2016, we were back home in Karachi, Pakistan, trying to pack our entire lives into a few suitcases. We were excited about coming to the U.S. for Usman’s MBA and all the wonderful exposure and prospects it brought with it. But while we had broad ideas about how things were going to change for us, we never considered the little moments that one day we’d be looking back on with fondness.

It’s true that it’s never easy to say goodbyes. Whether it is to your friends and family, or your house, or even to your favorite food joint. Our departure from Pittsburgh is imminent but our hearts are not ready to bid adieu to the city. We’ve been calling CMU and Tepper home through the troughs and crests of the last two years. Random nooks and crannies of the school, which a bystander might look over, hold some of our most cherished memories: carrying food trays for Friday b**rs on Tech Street, trying to connect the laptop to the projector for a Partners Club meeting in room 147, playing dodgeball and getting hit in the face twice…

We’ve been calling Pittsburgh home through several seasons and in our sentimental states, we’ve even forgiven the eight month winters. Only a graduating student can be heard talking about how they’ll miss catching the bus on Fifth Avenue, or trivia nights and grilled cheese at The Yard, or scrambling to find 4 Ubers so a bunch of people can go to AMC Cinemas to catch a late night flick. Through stressful moments, happy times, fevers and colds, the past two years have built us for better tomorrows. It is time for the birds to leave the nest and fly to new territories. But Pittsburgh and Tepper will always keep the Class of 2018 (and their partners!) connected, and whether it is at the 5 year reunion, or at the 25 year reunion, we will probably end up at the same ol’ haunts, reminiscing about the incredible journey we have shared with friends like family.

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