Tips for a successful college transition for the Class of 2022

Its been two weeks since my first Spring Break in college, and looking back I realize it’s almost going to be a year for me at CMU. Pondering about how my year was, what were the wrongs, what were the good parts, I thought I could list out some tips for a smooth college transition for the class of 2022 (definitely not an exhaustive list)

  1. Be who you are: College isn’t high school and for most of us, college is a clean slate, a fresh start. In high school, a person may have 100 friends but at college, you may still have to begin from zero. Amidst this, it is important that you don’t forget who you are, where you come  from, what your passion is. The goal should be to be yourself and not be someone else just to be liked by others.
  2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different classes: In college, there are tonnes of classes and courses you could take and you should definitely experiment. Take a class in history, take a programming course, take a music class. Challenge yourself, step outside of your comfort zone and you might find a course/field you’re very passionate in.
  3. Explore Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh has so much to do, so much to see. Take advantage of that. Go out; a lot of learning happens outside of college too. Whether its taking a trek, going for a movie, visiting the amazing museums or going to the numerous cafes – go explore!
  4. Take advantage of the travel opportunities college offers: CMU has a number of options to gain experience via travels and stepping out of college – whether it’s via competitions in other states, via study abroad programs, exchanges and excursions – take advantage!
  5. Pave your own way: College is a different experience for each person. Your roommate might have tonnes of friends, you might have a small circle. You may be interested in greek life while someone else might not like it. You may want to take less popular classes. You may transition from high school to college in a week; someone might take a year or more to do that. Everybody is different as a result of which their choices and college life will be different. You stick to your choices, your likes. Steer the boat in the direction you want to for you are the captain of your college life, not someone else.
Saniya Agarwal | Undergraduate Business 2021
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  1. Taylor
    Taylor says:

    Hi Saniya. I am Taylor from China, an incoming freshman of business major. I wonder if there is any program available for freshman in Tepper that I need to apply early before the school starts in fall?

    • Douglas McIntyre
      Douglas McIntyre says:

      Hi Taylor,

      There is no specific program for incoming first-year business administration students. All first-year Carnegie Mellon students attend Orientation, which requires no special registration to attend. Move-in for Orientation begins on Aug. 18, with programming that runs up to the first day of classes on Aug. 27.

      You should be receiving more information about Orientation and the UBA program in June.

      We look forward to welcoming you to campus this fall!



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