A Fun Path to Summer

We have less than seven weeks left in the semester! I know that it has been a tiring and stressful year and summer break is something many of us are looking forward to even if we have an internship or summer job. If you are still dreading the upcoming weeks, here are a list of things you can look forward to before finishing up with final exams:


  1. Track & Field/Carnegie Mellon Quad Meet (March 31st) – Going to be bored this weekend? Support our track and field teams this Saturday! If you haven’t gone to any of their events, I highly suggest you do. The energy and excitement is something to witness!


  1. SPIRIT Fashion Show (April 7th) – The longest running fashion show at Carnegie Mellon University, hosted by SPIRIT–a multicultural organization that aims to champion black awareness. They are the platform for the multicultural creative, the space for the individual model, and the stage for the enthusiastic performer. If you want to see something amazing, I highly suggest you buy a ticket and go! All shades are welcome.


  1. Special Olympics (April 14th) – For the past few years, the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania have chosen Carnegie Mellon as one of their venues for a multitude of sports competitions. More than 600 Special Olympians, 8-years-old and over, will come to campus to compete in basketball, track & field, swimming, tennis and golf. If you don’t have anything to do that day, come on through! It is without a doubt one of the best experiences I have ever had.


  1. CARNIVAL (April 18th-22nd) – The event of the year! From parties, to buggy racing, to carnival rides and funnel cakes, this event is something to get excited for. Tons of preparation is needed to make this event happen but enjoying Carnival is what we live for. This year, Wale is going to be performing at Carnival which makes this year’s experience that much better.


If you go to these events, I guarantee that you that you will be one week away from summer break in no time!

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