An Evening With Mohsin Hamid

Yesterday, we attended a Pittsburgh Arts and Lectures program titled “Ten Evenings” at the beautiful Carnegie Music Hall. Ten Evenings is a lecture series celebrating authors from around the world by inviting them to present on their creative process and share their thoughts on their books.

The lecture we attended was by Mohsin Hamid, a renowned Pakistani author and one of my favorite regional authors since childhood. He talked about his book “Exit West”, a fictional love story set amidst a background of refugee crisis and emigration. Would highly recommend picking up the book if you haven’t read it yet.

It was great to see so many Pakistani faces among the audience – and even more heartening to see so many Americans reading books by Pakistani authors. Of course, we had to walk up to Mohsin Hamid, make him super awkward, and ask him to pose with us for a photo!

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