Of robots, submarines and space

If you’ve been wondering why Pluto has been demoted from its planet status, or you’ve always wanted to play air hockey against a robot, or you’re simply curious to see what your skin cells look like under a microscope, Carnegie Science Center is the place to go on your next day off.

From interactive exhibits to activities designed specially for kids, the Carnegie Science Center is worth a visit for people of all ages. The “BodyWorks” exhibit explores questions like “can my hand fool my brain?”, “what’s inside my throat?” and “do smells trigger memories” to explain how different elements of our body function. The “H2Oh!” exhibit delves into fluid dynamics, Pittsburgh rivers and water’s role in the environment, “roboworld”, which is the world’s largest permanent robotics exhibition, has displays explaining how robots sense, think and act, and “SpacePlace” offers insights into the International Space Station, living in space and the Zeiss Model II Star Projector. You can also take walking tours of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas at the “Miniature Railroad & Village” and of the USS Requin Submarine.

What’s the cherry on top? General admission is free for CMU students!


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