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While my classmates are trekking across the global for spring break, I was moving out of my beloved apartment in Bakery Square. It was a bitter sweet moment even though I only lived in Bakery Living Blue for 8 months. I have had so many great memories in that building from team meetings and group study sessions to pool parties and barbecues with Tepper folks.

I didn’t live in Bakery Living my 1st year; in fact, I didn’t know it existed until Mini 2 when I went there for a team meetings. One of my teammates lived in Blue and since the building had a conference room, it was easier to meet there than at Tepper. From then on, I found myself going to Bakery often for group study sessions and parties. It became a second home so it was only natural that Bakery Living would be at the top of my list when I was looking for a new place. And it was truly the best move I made! If you are ever in Pittsburgh, you will see signs across town promoting Walnut Capital properties as where you can “Find your Happy Place”. Bakery Living was definitely my happy place.

Bakery offered me many escape options that I did not have in Year 1 making my Tepper experience better. In Year 1, my only escape from Tepper and my lousy apartment was to go out. But going out all the time can really take a toll on you. In Year 2, when things got stressful, I would cook in my apartment, watch TV in the media room, workout in the gym, or play ping pong in the lobby. With so many options, it was easy to forget the stress of classes and recruiting making me much more relaxing.

Living and working in Bakery Square was so much fun! With lunch at Asiatique Thai Bistro and happy hours at Social, I spent more time outside of Shadyside. It helped me get out of the Tepper bubble which you sometimes need. It also worked out great for me that numo was right next door. This made it possible for me to continue my internship in the fall and still make it to campus on time for classes. In the evening, my Tepper classmates would find me working in the lobby trying to get my homework done while watching football. When I was in the heart of recruiting, they would see me in the media room or the gym. If I wasn’t home then I was out but I would always have someone to ride home with given the number of Tepper people that lived in the building.

In addition to the amenities and luxuries of Bakery Living, the monthly events hosted by the building were a fun way to get to meet people in the building. Interestingly enough, I made a lot of friends just hanging out in the lobby and made more new friends in the past 3 weeks in the elevator as I was moving things out. The people of Bakery Living have been so nice and helpful. Living there has definitely spoiled me and set the bar high as I search for my next apartment in New Jersey. I have had so many good times at Bakery so saying goodbye to this home is pretty sad. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my 2nd year and am grateful for the amazing memories I have had there.

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