Red & White (and Blue) Party

What happens when the Partners Club, the Wine Club and the Data Analytics Club walk into a bar (or a co-working space in this situation)?

A Winter Olympics themed Red & White (and Blue) Party of course! With food and wine from around the world, super cool (pun intended) costumes, and real medals for all, the party was a great way for students and partners to end mini 3 and get ready for spring break. Keeping with tradition, the party rocked a fun photo booth with Winter Olympic props that everyone enjoyed immensely. Taking things up a notch, a special Snapchat filter and hashtag (#teppergoesforgold) were also created to keep social media abuzz.

Check out some event highlights below:





Faaria Ahmad | MBA 2018 Partner

Born and bred in Karachi, Pakistan, Faaria moved to the U.S. with her husband when he decided to pursue his MBA from Tepper.Since the move, she has transitioned from working as a finance manager for a multinational company to a home-maker. Faaria's passions and hobbies include being a makeup enthusiast, a newbie photographer, and a foodie at heart.
Faaria Ahmad | MBA 2018 Partner

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