Neighborhood Series – Cafe DRINK Special Highlight: Chai tea at CMU Tazza d’Oro

…did anyone miss my Cafe series??? Oh, where has the time gone, last day of Februrary already. I made it nonetheless, didn’t forget about this! This month’s just bit shorter than the others and things have also been more hectic. For this month, I would like to feature a drink right on campus – Rohr Cafe (Tazza d’Oro)’s (Homemade) chai tea. Being someone usually not into chai teas, this chai tea really hits home with its sweet and frothy taste. At least among all the cafes and drinks I’ve had at those places, this has been one of the best chais and best drinks I’ve ever had.

Additionally, for those who haven’t been to the Rohr Cafe in the 3rd floor of the Gates-Hillman Center, I highly recommend checking it out. You get to experience some friendly staff and some quality drinks and pastries (their apple cider donut, gluten-free, is so good!) without having to visit Tazza’s Highland Park location (last month’s feature!) or their *new* location in Millvale (524 Grant Ave) as well as one of the nicest seating/study areas on campus. Good for studying and for hangouts!

PS. I haven’t had a chance to visit their Millvale location yet but hope to sometime, so look out for a post in the future!

Eric Huang | Undergraduate Economics 2019

Eric is a recent alumni and graduated with a B.S. in Economics (concentration in Strategy and Markets) and a double major in Chinese Studies and minor in Business Administration. He studied abroad for two summers in Shanghai and London and was involved on campus as a Resident Assistant, Emerging Leaders, and cmuTV. He enjoys cafe-hopping and am glad to be in Pittsburgh full time at PNC as a Model Risk Associate.

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