Three transitions

Transition One –

It is time the time of the year where Tepper clubs transition between the old board and the new board. As of last Monday, I officially relinquished my position as the VP of the Part-Time Graduate Business Association. It was an extremely humbling year of serving the part-time community. I could not have done it with the strong support of my other board members, but also the people we were serving; their attendance, their enthusiasm, their feedback, and even their hangriness (word finally made it to the Oxford dictionary just a couple of days ago!) inspired us to push our boundaries.

Beyond the family-friendly events such as volunteering opportunities, picnics, and painting with a twist, I hold fond memories of meeting the first years at the tailgate party, organizing the back-to-school party, and wishing some of our graduating class well at the ugly Christmas sweater party. I also had the opportunity to push for the academic welfare of our part-time community. In particular, I worked hard to encourage more clubs to actively engage with the part-time community and program activities with our work schedules in mind, and also a curated more robust BaseCamp / mentorship experience for new students.

I attribute our success to the strong team dynamics we had as a board. It was wonderful to have the diverse perspective and leadership qualities they brought to the table — thank you, Barbara, Susan, Anne, Alex and Daniel. It has been a blast!

PT GBA Board at PNC Park
From Left to Right: Daniel, Barbara, Alex, Susan, Anne, Wei

So what’s next, you ask?

Transition Two –

I am fortunate to be selected for the new board for the Design & Business Club. This young club focuses on the finding human-centric solutions to problems organizations face. What I find most exciting about the D&B club is the cross-campus opportunities. It is a club that draws its members not just from the Tepper School, but also the Design School, Human-Computer Interaction Institute and Integrated Innovation Program. The Tepper MBA experience is incomplete without the ability to learn and collaborate with some of the most brilliant minds in the world, right here at Carnegie Mellon University.

To me, there is no more gratifying honor than to be put in a position to help and better the community. I enjoy bringing about positive impact to my peers and hope to continue doing so through my new role. The new D&B board met for the first time this past week, and I can already envision the strong friendships that will form between us!

Transition Three –

IT’S THE NEW YEAR! According to the lunar calendar, at least. One of the things that I miss dearly is celebrating Chinese New Year with my family. Having lived in the U.S. for the past 8 years, I made up for the holiday by celebrating with different groups of friends each year. I am glad my fellow Singaporeans at Tepper decided to brave my amateurish culinary skills this year. Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it!

The Singaporean-Tepper Connection
From Left to Right: Jensen, Yiling, Wei, Karthik, Bryan

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