Neighborhood Series – Cafe Special Highlight: Tazza d’Oro (Highland Park location)

Start out the new year by doing something new. Whether it’s working out more or procrastinate less, how about explore more? This month I’d like to start the year featuring one of my new favorite cafes. You might know of it from its satellite location right on campus at the third floor of the Gates building, Tazza d’Oro actually started and still is a local cafe in Pittsburgh. Located

in a quiet neighborhood in Highland Park, the original cafe has as much (if not even more) of its charm as its location on campus. With wider ranges of coffees and treats, they have some exotic drinks not offered at its campus location, such as Chemex drip coffee. Of course, there’s still the classic organic apple cider donut that one might be familiar with already.


Check out Tazza’s original location – a swell study or chill spot. In particular, its “bay window” seating is prime for feeling inspired and rejuvenated!

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