A break spent abroad

Juggling different schedules is a difficult aspect of any part time MBA student’s life; at Tepper we’re given a very generous winter break.  I decided to take advantage of this break from classes and cash in some vacation time to spend time with my family in South Korea.  Although I only got to spend two weeks with my family, it was still fun to see everyone after a few years and to take the opportunity to hit refresh for the new year!

We decided to spend New Year’s Eve at a local town, Yeosu.  Yeosu is a port city, so it made the perfect place to see the first sunrise of the new year.  What a way to ring in new goals and aspirations than by seeing the first sunrise of 2018!

The next short trip we went on was to local national park, Songnisan.  Songnisan boasts the world’s tallest bronze Buddha statue, and is known as the mountains removed from worldliness. 

The last trip we went on was to Hyeonchungsa; Hyeonchungsa is the shrine to General Yi Sun-Shin, a Korean naval commander known for his victories against the Japanese navy during early Korean history.  The day was insanely cold and snowy, but it made the park seem more beautiful.

With only 5 months left in the part time MBA program, I can say I’m ready to make the best of 2018!

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