Student Spotlight – Max Lo Presti

This past week I sat down to learn more about my classmate, Max Lo Presti.

The idea of the student spotlight is for our readers and prospective students to get to know our current students!

Me: Hi Max, thanks for taking a few minutes today for the Tepper blog. Can you start by telling me a little bit about yourself?

Max: Happy to do it! I’m from the South of France, Marseilles to be specific. I lived there for a couple of years before moving South America (Columbia and Uruguay). As a result of my childhood, I speak both French and Spanish, and also understand Italian and Portuguese. I went back to France and received my Undergraduate degree in Business/Management from both France and the UK as a result of an exchange program. After graduation, I started working with my father where we started an organic food retail chain back home in Marseilles for 6 years. We had 3 stores, an e-commerce website, and during that time it enabled me to experience the business, make business decisions, screw up, and learn how to run the business in a competitive market.

Me: Fantastic! What made you decide to pursue an MBA at Tepper?

Max: I knew I was going to get an MBA as a result of my business undergraduate degree, and was looking to go into a quantitative and leadership-oriented program to complement my business background. Tepper was my first choice due to its analytical rigor, small class size, sense of community, and the interactions I had with the admissions team. They focused on the individual experience and were interested in investing in your personal growth.

Me: Sounds like we had similar reasons! Can you share one of your most memorable moments at Tepper?

Max: By far the case competitions during 1st year; I participated in Organizational Leadership, McKinsey, and Deloitte Case Competitions to name a few. Case competitions allow for real life problem solving, have a social component, and help students interact with companies. These were enriching experiences and I met some of my closest friends on these competition teams. The key is all of the different components you may experience separately all come together during the case competition.

Me: Absolutely. Case Competitions were definitely high intensity, but a ton of fun. What are you involved in at Tepper outside of the classroom?

Max: I’m the President of the Organizational Leadership Club (OLC), on the board of the Wine Club, and am a Communications Coach where I meet students to help them with resume reviews, behavioral questions, case preparation, written communication, and mock interviews.

Me: Sounds like a busy schedule! Shifting gears, what advice would you have for prospective students interested in Tepper?

Max: Don’t be afraid to reach out to current students. It’s how you get the best idea of what it’s like at Tepper. Reaching out to current students was extremely beneficial for me to get an understanding of the program and learn more about student life.

Me: Great advice. I had similar experiences with current students when I was applying to Tepper. Outside of your busy MBA life, what do you like to do?

Max: I go salsa dancing – it’s a great way to meet people outside of Tepper and experience something different. I enjoy running in Highland Park, especially in the Fall and Spring. I work out and practice yoga on regular basis. Oh, I also read a lot.

Me: Last book you read?

Max: I just finished a book on the history of Vegetarianism. Fun fact, did you know that Pythagoras of the famed Pythagorean Theorem was a Vegetarian?

Me: Wow, I had no idea! Last question, what’s one fun fact your fellow classmates may not know about you?

Max: I know how to fly a small airplane – I obtained my certification to fly Cessna’s a few years ago!

Me: Unbelievable – a man of many talents!

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