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For anyone involved in the MBA cycle– from prospectives having the first tentative thoughts about whether an MBA is a fit to proud alumni– Poets & Quants is practically a household name. They provide a broad look at MBA programs that feels more personable and informal than many other resources, thanks to articles like Meet Carnegie Mellon’s MBA Class of 2019.

I was chosen as one of the Class of 2019 to contribute to the article, and you’ll find me on Page 7 of the article. It was really fun to share my perspective and a little bit about myself– but it’s been even more fun to look at my classmates’ profiles! I’ve had about four months now of taking class and socializing with these great people (and Nilvea is actually on my Mini 2 team, so I see her even more often!) but I definitely was surprised by some of what they all shared as part of their features. I’ve heard Carlton rap up a storm, but I had no idea about his awesome post-degree goal, and I’ve been chatting with Andrea since we met at the Forté Foundation conference this summer in Seattle, but I haven’t seen her fall asleep in a public place… yet! It was so great to learn more about my classmates, and I feel grateful to be surrounded by such vibrant, fascinating people to learn with and from while I’m at Tepper.

I encourage everyone to take some time to get to know the Class of 2019 a little better by reading the article. And remember, 10 students is just about 5% of our class– so imagine all the stories you haven’t heard yet!

Rebecca George | MBA 2019
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