Thanksgiving thoughts

I remember calling home 8 years ago when I first came to the U.S. on Thanksgiving, and telling my parents that I thought it was one of the most meaningful American holidays. The tradition comes with the stereotypical 4pm dinners with members of the extended family, some poor turkey that has been in preparation for nearly the entire day (if not more), some rivalry football games (Go Blue!), and perhaps a late-night shopping spree to follow. At the heart of it all, it is a day to remind us to count our blessings and cherish the good things we have in life.

This Thanksgiving break was my first breather from work and school in many weeks. I managed to catch up on sleep and emails, but more importantly, had time to reflect on my recruiting process and regain some perspective. The number of people who had so willingly donated their time to share their perspectives, the number of people who had invested effort in helping me get prepared, the number of people who stuck their necks out on my behalf… majority of whom are people I barely knew. We had a common connection, frequently through Tepper, and that was it. I find it astounding that there is so much goodwill floating around in this world; these that I was fortunate to receive, I know I want to pay it forward some day. To me, it has almost become the reason to succeed through this recruiting season – so that I may be in the position to help future Tepper students.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wei Lim | MBA 2019
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