Reflections: Wrapping up the Fall

Being the nostalgic person I am, I often, and mostly blissfully reminiscence about the happy times of the past. Recounting past experiences is a constant reminder of how fast time moves on. Thinking about my first year at CMU and also my first year in the U.S has made me realize that in a place like Carnegie Mellon where life can move so quickly, it can be very easy to forget about the memories created over months here.

Coming to CMU from thousands of miles away, I was scared to come to a new place and was worried about finding a network and community of people. I did not know that the CMU community and the students here would be such a cool and supportive group. Rethinking about my own experiences during my first few months till today when the semester is almost going to end, there’s just so much that has transpired within this community and beyond. From meeting strangers during orientation week to becoming close friends with many of them, from fretting about being homesick to thinking about the first time I got a feeling of  “home away from home” during the Diwali function last month to now heading home for thanksgiving, from not knowing anyone here to now holding conversations with students, faculty and even the staff members at the dining hall regularly.

Looking back at the last few months makes me  think about what I could’ve done differently and what I hope to attain, personally and academically in future. Additionally, rethinking about the semester makes me realize that CMU gives out  the message of “we’re all this together”. CMU is definitely about the people here, whether it’s about having a conversation with a stranger in the cafe or working on problems late at night with classmates, attending clubs and shows with peers, building friendships in classes, dorms or specific groups, finding support from faculty, professors or other students or simply just doing things like you like with the people you know here at CMU. I am grateful to be a part of this network of people and place like CMU which constantly gives you the opportunity to delve deeper into the college community, in whatever capacity you like.


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