Hands-on Tableau Workshop!

On Wednesday, November 15th, over 125 students packed Mellon Auditorium for an interactive, hands-on Tableau workshop led by representatives from Tableau.

With data mining, statistical analysis, and data presentation among LinkedIn’s list of top skills for graduates in 2017, the Tepper Business and Technology (B&T) club partnered with Tableau to provide students with an overview of how to use the product.

During the 2 hour session, students utilized a publicly available dataset from Tableau Public to learn how to use the product, but more importantly draw meaningful insights from easy-to-understand visualizations.

I spoke with Carlos Hinojosa, B&T Vice President of Corporate Outreach, to learn more about the event and future club programming.

What was the driving factor behind hosting this event?

Our club is continuously looking to help augment what is learned in the classroom, with hands-on technical training that allows students to stand out during their internship and full-time experiences.

What was the general feedback you received from students regarding this event?

Students were extremely excited. One student mentioned, “This was one of the most beneficial club-hosted events I have attended during my time at Tepper.” Students loved the hands-on experience, practical application of the tool, and interaction with Tableau representatives.

Can you talk about what future events the club has planned?

B&T is working very closely with the school’s Academic Committee to implement a practical training series that consists of Advanced Excel, SQL, Tableau and R in the new year.

Looking forward to the next event that helps Tepper students transition from the classroom to making an immediate impact in the working world!

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