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As a new member of the Tartan Student Fund, I was excited to engage in something novel and different from clubs of my high school. Tartan Student Fund was just that. The club consists of groups of team members working together to pitch various stocks of their choice to the entirety of the fund, with the final goal of achieving a 2/3 acceptance rate. If so, TSF will invest in the pitch and we get to see how we do in terms of profit at the end of semesters.

The idea of the club is very interesting and it’s not exclusive to Tepper. There is a test and interview to pass, but anyone can apply to join.

My group, Financial Institutions, focused on Intuit, a business and software company, for our pitch. You may have heard of it; it currently develops and sells TurboTax and QuickBooks among other products. It was a lot of work, and we went through stressful moments, especially right before we were pitching which probably isn’t good, but also a lot of fun. It was nice bonding with a group over something academic-related, something I hadn’t really done in high school. And we did well; Intuit passed the fund with a 73.53% acceptance rate. So we’ll see how the stock does in the future; hopefully it goes up!

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