MBA Student Club Spotlight: SABA

The Graduate Business Association (also known as the GBA) is our student government. We have over 40 different MBA clubs, including professional, affinity, and social clubs. Each month, we will be talking to a featured club and posting about it here on the blog.

This month, we are featuring the South Asian Business Association (commonly known as SABA). Here is what the SABA board members had to say.


What is SABA’s mission?

SABA provides a platform for students to build awareness about South Asian culture and empowers members to achieve personal and professional excellence. Our mission is four-fold:

  • Spread awareness about South Asian business and cultural environment
  • Enhance personal and professional development of SABA members
  • Facilitate interactions of SABA members with Tepper students, alumni and other business schools
  • Facilitate inclusion of South Asian students into the Tepper community

Who can join? Does it cost anything?

SABA is open to the whole Tepper Community. You don’t need to be South Asian to be part of the club. Students can sign up for a 2 year membership for $90.

How does the club interact with the Tepper School Community?

The South Asian community is among the biggest international student bodies in Tepper and SABA is dedicated to nurturing this relationship. With a series of social events open to the whole Tepper community, including our capstone Diwali bash (Mini 2), Bollywood Night (Mini 3), and Holi Party (Mini 4), SABA celebrates the inclusive and festive nature of South Asian culture.

To facilitate interactions with eminent South Asian alumni, SABA hosts a series of breakfast networking sessions, round table chats and speaker sessions. To help international students successfully integrate into the Tepper community, as well as in the corporate work environment, SABA offers one-on-one mentorship to its members and fosters connections with other student bodies through smaller, social events.


FYI – Whether you are a current or prospective MBA students, SABA board members are more than happy to chat with you and provide you with more information! Also, be on the look out for my next post on the Diwali Party which took place on November 12!

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