Part-Time MBA, Full-Time Success

 “You’re crazy for doing that.”

By now, I’m used to getting this response when I tell people that I’m a Part-Time On-Campus MBA student with a full-time job.

I nod my head. Yes, I’m probably crazy. Yes, I constantly wonder, “Can I really pull this off for the next 32 months?”

After completing one mini-semester I can confidently say, “Yes, WE can and we will succeed.” I’m still standing with forty-some other cohort members who were equally crazy to try it. Balancing our professional lives as business managers, engineers, lawyers, and oncologists with classes, clubs, and the occasional Bar Night IS possible. It just takes a little less free time and a lot more help from our families, friends, and colleagues.

It also takes support from our Tepper advisors and professors. They have done a great job of offering us the same MBA experience wherever possible. As a PTOC class, we shared the same laughs trying to climb ropes and zipline at Camp Guyasuta. We scratched our heads trying to recall calculus in Math Bootcamp and took a Manager Ready assessment. We wrote group papers, attended Stats recitation, and joined clubs like B&T, TWIB, and GEC.

Lastly, it takes wisdom from the Part-Time students before us. They showed us around campus, set us up with mentors, and assuaged our finals concerns in WhatsApp. They also pulled us out of excuses and into GBA whiskey tastings and Pirates games.

With such support, how could we not succeed? Bring it on, mini 2!

Christina Wang | MBA 2020 (Part-Time On-Campus)
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