Tips for Stressful Weeks!

Multiple exams, lack of sleep, and overwhelming amounts of stress pretty much summarize midterm week. Midterm week is an amazing part of the semester where you must finish two papers, study for multiple exams, and give a presentation within a few days’ time. What a blast!

Excuse my sarcasm but midterm week really is demanding. However, midterm week and stressful weeks in general can go smoothly if you approach them the right way. Here are some tips for the next time you have an academically stressful week.

1. Plan. Nothing is worse than realizing last minute that you have all this work to do and not enough time. Write out a list of things you need to do on a sheet of paper, on a whiteboard, or on a to-do list on one of your devices.

2. Take breaks. People may find that they become very distracted during studying because they get bored or disinterested. Take planned breaks so you don’t feel constrained to your work. For example, when I’m eating, I make sure I am not working on anything. I am either watching a TV show or listening to music. This relaxes me.

3. Study with friends. I find it hard to study with a group of people but sometimes it proves helpful. Working with friends can alleviate anxiety and increase productivity as well as understanding. And if you find you are not able to focus in a group, you can always move to another area by yourself.

4. Exercise. Exercising pumps more oxygen to the brain and increases brain cell growth. Both of which stimulate the brain and allow for better studying.

5. Have food around. Nothing interrupts a good study session more than getting a growling stomach. Bring snacks or small meals to your study session to avoid a disrupting food run.

6. Relax and Smile. In the moment, we may feel like nothing will get done, but in the end, we all get through these stressful times. So, relax and smile!

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