…we made it to the end of Mini 1! And we are so happy about it 😊

Last week was really busy! Although a lot was going on (as at the same time we were dealing with case competitions, recruiting preparation, homework, and finals) it was super cool to spend time with my classmates and study with them. Now we are finally done, and we did it all together.

I wouldn’t be able to go through this without the help of my awesome classmates!

With finals being over, we are preparing ourselves for career treks. Groups will be flying to Chicago, NYC, Boston, Austin and Seattle and visiting many companies in different industries. As an international student, it will be my first time visiting companies’ offices in the U.S and I am very excited. It will be also a great time to spend with my friends outside the school, getting to know each other better.


Wait for my next post, I’ll be talking about some of our experiences during the trek.


Btw… while I was posting here our grades were released, so now it’s 100% sure that we really made it!

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