Making the Most of My Weekend

Weekend Fun

Everyone looks forward to the weekend. But is the weekend worth the hype if you don’t make the most of it? When I have a free weekend, I most definitely make having a relaxing and fun few days my top priority.

When I am not traveling to New York or Chicago for basketball games, I like kicking my weekend off with a shower and a big breakfast. Nothing starts your day better than some eggs, ham, and Netflix! Afterwards I either catch up on some homework, or I go out into Pittsburgh to find something to do. Whether I go to a museum or just walk around the Waterfront, this part of my day usually involves a lot of walking. This clears my head and settles me down after a long week of tests, homework, and late nights in Skibo gym.

Later on in the day, I usually drop by the gym to get some shots up. I like training, lifting, or just running games on my own time because nothing beats working on a skill that you are good at and are very passionate about! However, the exercise makes me painfully hungry so I usually go out to get some food with my teammates or some of my friends. The choice usually ends up being Chipotle or the Exchange. Then, later that night, I like to do one of four things:

  1. See a movie at the Waterfront
  2. Play the Catan board game
  3. Go play more basketball
  4. Get on Facetime with my girlfriend

And on occasion, I might spend time with the SPIRIT crew or cook out with some of my teammates!

On Sunday, I like to be as relaxed as possible. I like to catch up on some homework, get some shots up if I can, and watch Sunday night football. This part of my weekend is also the most depressing because the five-day cycle of overwhelming class work begins again the next day. But, the weekend makes it all worth it!


Seth Henry | Undergrad Econ 2019

Incoming Cyber Analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton
Seth is a senior Economics major and is minoring in International Relations and Politics (IRP) and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has interned for a tech-lobbying firm, the United States Senate, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Outside of class, he is a captain on the men’s basketball team, a member of the Student Athlete Advisory Council, and a member of several other committees. In his free time, he likes to binge watch Netflix, play hearthstone, and beat people in Catan! You can usually find him in Skibo Gym, or in the University Center playing basketball.

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