Off to a Great Start: Undergrad Business Program Orientation

Hi! My name is Eric Jiang, and I am a current undergraduate student of Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business, class of 2021. So far, I’ve been through a week and gotten to know my professors and fellow students within the business school. We’ve just begun the lectures and so my most interesting business interaction has actually been outside of the classroom.

This past weekend, I and other Tepper students went to a resource fair that was featuring business-oriented clubs. I honestly was not expecting much since we were just barely freshmen, but the people at the fair were extremely inviting. I learned about the Investment Banking Academy, something I’m interested in, and got to talk to some of the students within the club. One student actually made sure to exchange contact information with me and was very enthusiastic. We ended up having lunch the next day and I got to learn about his specific experiences as part of the club. I learned about the hypothetical situations they mimic and the competitions they have on investing and making the greatest profit. Hearing about the friendly competitions was very exciting and I’m looking forward to meeting more of the people at the upcoming meeting with their parent organization, the Tepper Finance Group. I’ve also heard that they have lots of great connections to local finance professionals, many of which are CMU alumni, which is amazing.

Alongside, I spent the weekend getting to know my fellow Tepper students and making friends. Our group is a bit small, but that has its positives because it allows us to become very close with a large part of our whole class. A couple of other students and I made a study group together in preparation for the upcoming projects and tests, which I’m excited for. We are a tight-knit community and I’m enjoying the feeling of it.

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